We are a fully professional, all-hazards emergency response organization located in Summit County, Colorado. We serve the towns and areas around Copper Mountain, Dillon, Frisco, Keystone, and Silverthorne.




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Travis Davis

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Meet Fire Chief Travis Davis

On behalf of the Summit Fire & EMS Board of Directors, the executive staff, fire officers, first responders and support staff, we welcome you to the Summit Fire & EMS website. Known colloquially as SFE, we take pride in our rich history, derived from the successful consolidation of a number of emergency-response organizations. Our line staff provide emergency response to the towns of Dillon, Frisco, Montezuma and Silverthorne, as well as the unincorporated communities of Copper Mountain, Keystone, Summit Cove and Wildernest and points north all the way to Heeney, including Interstate 70 from the Eisenhower Tunnel to Vail Pass, U.S. 6 to Loveland Pass and Colorado 91 to Fremont Pass. Meanwhile, our Community Risk Division under the auspices of the fire marshal work tirelessly to prevent fires and promote public safety, and our new Wildland Division focuses specifically on training, education and response to perhaps the most existential threat to our community. Additionally, the in-house enterprise Snake River Fleet Services works tirelessly to keep our equipment and those of our neighboring fire departments on the road and functioning properly, while our administrative staff deals with all matters associated with keeping our business operations up and running. 

All employees of this forever-evolving organization are highly committed to our mission, vision and values. Spending multiple hours each year in continuous professional development, we pride ourselves in being timely and efficient in every aspect of our service -- both internally and externally. Through collaborative relationships with the public and other emergency response and civic organizations, we strive to anticipate community needs and lead the way in reducing risks to people and property.

The members of this organization never have had the luxury of sitting still and have become experts in navigating change. Through much evolution over the years, we finally have landed on what I would call sure footing. Our traditions are under construction, and our progress is impeded only by our lack of creativity and courage. The future is bright here at SFE, so we thank you for looking in on us.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you cannot find the information that you need here or have further matters to discuss. Our phone number is (970) 262-5100, and e-mail inquiries may be sent to pio@summitfire.org.

Travis Davis




Latest News

November 27, 2022
The increasing risk of wildfires in Colorado is driving insurance carriers to raise premiums on homeowners’ policies — if they decide to insure them at all — and now the state’s insurance chief is suggesting a publicly funded pool of money be established to provide property insurance for those who can’t find it in the open market. Colorado experienced massive, destructive wildfires in the past
November 22, 2022
 ​​​​CBS News Colorado has reported that Summit Fire and EMS knows it needs a fire station in Silverthorne which it said was "booming" in population, but that there wasn't the money to do a fully staffed station yet.
November 16, 2022
The Summit Fire and EMS board of directors has chosen a concept for a fire station in Silverthorne — a move that comes after months of public pressure at Silverthorne Town Council meetings. According to the concept, the Silverthorne Fire Station would have two pull-through bays, six dorm rooms for staff, a kitchen, fitness room, day area and office space.