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Please review the Tent Guidelines.
FIRE MITIGATION PERMIT NEEDED. Please complete the boxes below.
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Scope of work letters should include detailed explanations of work being done (for tent & event it should include non-profit information if applicable).
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Required only needed if a tent exceeds 200 square feet.
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Fees subject to change upon permit review.
The fire mitigation permit fee is $150.00. You can pay here
Slash-pile burn permits are required for all slash pile burns less than eight feet in diameter and no closer than 50 feet from the nearest structures or combustible materials.
No open burning will be approved between Memorial Day & Labor Day, & burning may be prohibited at other times depending on fire-danger levels.
Residents of the Summit Fire & EMS response area – including Copper Mountain, Dillon, Frisco, Keystone, Montezuma, Silverthorne and the unincorporated areas of Wildernest/Mesa Cortina, Summit Cove and north of Silverthorne – can apply for a permit at Follow the prompts to create a profile for your home and apply for a permit under the "Burn Permit" category. An inspector will contact you for next steps.

Permit is granted pursuant to 32-1-1002, C.R.S., The Colorado Air Quality Control Act 25-7-123., C.R.S., 2018 International Fire Code as amended, Chapter l, Section 105.

Signatures from both the Fire Official and Summit County Environmental Health are required.

This permit shall be retained on the site by the person supervising the burning and shall be shown to Summit Fire and EMS and/or Summit County Environmental Health personnel upon request.

Applicant is hereby authorized to burn tree slash and logs only. No trash, furniture, stumps, or construction materials shall be burned at the proposed burn location shown above. A site inspection is required by Summit Fire and EMS prior to the initial burn.

Each burn pile may not be more than fifteen (15) feet in diameter and must be no closer than fifty (50) feet to another burn pile. A burn pile may not within one hundred (100) feet of multiple trees, structures, or public/ private roads. If the volume of material to be burned is such that more than one fire is necessary, each fire shall have at least one person in attendance at all times.

Burning shall be permitted during daylight hours only. At dusk, all fires shall be extinguished completely with water or another method as approved by the fire code official.

WITHIN 24 HOURS OF PLANNED BURNING, the applicant shall:

  1. Contact SUMMIT COUNTY COMMUNICATIONS at (970) 668-8600 and obtain the BURNING INDEX for the area. If the INDEX is HIGH, VERY HIGH, or EXTREME, burning shall not be allowed. When a favorable burn site condition exists and the INDEX is MODERATE or LOW the site inspector may authorize a burn.
  2. Contact Summit County Environmental Health, which govern air quality and smoke management at (970) 668-4070 to verify that meteorological conditions are acceptable for burning and obtain written approval for the proposed burn. ON EACH DAY OF BURNING, the applicant shall:
    • Given that the INDEX is indeed LOW, meteorological conditions are favorable, and BEFORE EACH DAY'S BURNING IS STARTED, the applicant shall advise the COUNTY COMMUNICATION CENTER at (970) 668-8600 of intent to start burning.
    • Burn piles shall be ignited as early as possible after sun-up. Burns shall not be started after 10:00 AM without prior approval.
    • No burning shall be allowed during unfavorable weather conditions, red flag warnings, critical fire watches, or fire bans (declared by the federal, state, or local governmental agencies). If any conditions mentioned above change significantly while the burn is in progress all burns shall be immediately extinguished.
    • If at any time the controlled burn creates a problem for life safety, property or local traffic, permit holder may be required to extinguish the burn until more favorable conditions exist.

EACH DAY AFTER the burning is complete, the applicant will again call the SUMMIT COUNTY COMMUNICATIONS CENTER and give notice that the fire is extinguished and secure. THIS PERMIT SHALL BE REVOKED IF YOU DO NOT FULLY EXTINGUISH THE FIRE AT THE END OF EACH DAY'S BURNNG.

Burning shall be supervised by one or more responsible persons. AT NO TIME SHALL THE BURNING BE LEFT UNATTENDED.

If this permit expires before burning is accomplished due to any reason, a new permit must be obtained. The applicant shall be responsible for compliance with applicable fire protection and safety requirements of the appropriate FIRE DISTRICT.

The applicant shall have an approved water supply and/or approved heavy equipment, shovels, and/or approved fire extinguishers on site at all times.

If any of the above-mentioned statutes, ordinances, rules or regulations are violated, this permit shall become null and void and the penalties indicated therein shall be in force. Omission by name or number of any other relevant statute, ordinance codes, rules or regulation from this permit does not relieve the applicant's responsibility of compliance with the same.

The open burn permit is not for land clearing for new development.

APPLICANT HEREBY ASSUMES RESPONSIBILITY FOR LIABILITIES AND/OR RELATIONS TO ANY DAMAGES, COST OF EXTINGUISHMENT, OR LEGAL FEES WHICH MAY RESULT FROM A FIRE GETTNG OUT OF CONTROL OR A VIOLATION OF THE FOREGOING CONDITIONS. Please call Summit Fire & EMS at (970) 262-5215 to schedule your large pile burn inspection at least a week before you are planning to burn; please call (970) 668-4070 to verify acceptable meteorological conditions.

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Notice: For all inspections, please click the 'Schedule an Inspection' box at the top of the 'Permits' page at least 48 hours in advance.

Separate permits are required by the Building Department.

Notice: For all inspections, please click the 'Schedule an Inspection' box at the top of the 'Permits' page at least 48 hours in advance. During busier times of year please understand that it may take weeks to schedule an inspection.
Fire Mitigation inspections can be scheduled as soon as the foundation or footers are complete. Please DO NOT wait until the end of the project & expec tto schedule a speedy inspection.