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Fire board plans first steps to build a Silverthorne fire station

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As residents at the north end of Summit County continue to advocate for a fire station in Silverthorne, the Summit Fire & EMS board met to discuss the next steps of creating a solution. Fire Chief Travis Davis said the first priority is to have a truck housed somewhere in town in order to help with insurance ratings, since residents north of a 5-mile radius of the Dillon station have a lower rating. Proximity to a fire station and fire hydrants have some impact on cost of property insurance, but other factors like wildfire risk also play into costs. For community members that live north of Interstate 70, traffic congestion near Exit 205 has brought more concerns about not having a station in Silverthorne. Currently, the Dillon fire station serves emergencies that happen on the north end of the county, including Silverthorne and Heeney. Read more ...