Summit Fire & EMS

Summit Fire & EMS is professional, all-hazards emergency-response organization that provides high-quality emergency medical, fire, hazardous material, technical rescue and wildfire response. Summit Fire employs a cadre of 100 career employees including 63 commissioned firefighters and ambulance-based medics, 15 Fire Corps volunteers and 16 civilian employees.

Mission Statement

Unwavering dedication to service with integrity, compassion and professionalism.

Service and response area

Summit Fire & EMS serves the communities of Copper Mountain, Frisco, Dillon, Dillon Valley, Heeney, Keystone, Montezuma and Silverthorne, as well as the unincorporated neighborhoods of Summit Cove and Wildernest. The organization also serves as the primary emergency response agency for U.S. Forest Service lands within northern Summit County. The Summit Fire & EMS Fire Protection District is a legally designated special districts that has taxing authority through property taxes. The district encompasses approximately 110 square miles, and, including unincorporated areas and federal lands, Summit Fire serves as the primary emergency-response agency for approximately 290 square miles. Summit Fire & EMS serves approximately 17,500 permanent residents and more than 100,000 visitors and part-time residents during peak periods. 


Summit Fire & EMS is the product of consolidations of several former fire districts and departments, including:

  • Dillon
  • Dillon Valley
  • Snake River 
  • Frisco
  • Silverthorne
  • Copper Mountain
  • Summit County Ambulance Service 

Board of Directors

The Summit Fire & EMS Fire Protection District was established under Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes and is governed by a five-member publicly elected board of directors. 

Preventive Services

As well as responding to more than 2,200 emergency calls annually, Summit Fire & EMS provides preventive services such as fire safety training, education and enforcement, code inspections of commercial properties, technical plan reviews, wildfire defensible-space inspections and fire- and environmental-safety education. Summit Fire also collaborates with other agencies at federal, state and local levels. An excellent example of this is the partnership with the Summit Fire Authority, which oversees the Summit County Hazardous Materials Team and the High Country Training Center and is operated jointly by Summit Fire and the neighboring Red, White & Blue Fire Protection District based in Breckenridge. Through the High Country Training Center, located in Frisco, Summit Fire is committed to continuous improvement through high-quality education and training.

Response Stations

Summit Fire operates out of four response stations:

  • Dillon (Station 8)
  • Frisco (Station 2)
  • Keystone (Station 11)
  • Copper Mountain (Station 1)

Administrative Office

An administrative office in the Summit County Commons near Frisco at 0035 County Shops Road near the Colorado State Patrol, the Summit County Animal Shelter and the Summit County Senior and Community Center.

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