About Us

About Summit Fire & EMS

Summit Fire & EMS is fully professional, all-hazards emergency-response agency based in Summit County, Colorad

Inclusion Process

If you would like to be included in the district, here is where you can find information on applying and more.

Summit Fire & EMS Annual Reports
Early each year, the staff at Summit Fire & EMS produces an annual report documenting the achievements and major efforts of the previous year in an effort to offer residents, local-government officials, contractors, businesses and visitors an account of how the department is functioning.

Summit Fire & EMS History

Learn about the history of Summit Fire & EMS.

SF&EMS Chief Officers

Summit Fire & EMS Chief Officers

SF&EMS Operations

Summit Fire & EMS will strive to deal professionally and effectively with emergencies and hazards to life and property with a commitment to excellence and in the best interest of all citizens and guests of our communities.

Summit Fire & EMS Strategic Plan

Summit Fire & EMS Strategic Plan

Permits & Services

Summit Fire and EMS’ Community Resource Division is responsible for enforcing International Fire Code regulations governing construction activity.

Summit Fire Job Openings

Apply for a position with Summit Fire.


Life in the high country includes preparations for the threat of wildfires. SF&EMS maintains a robust program to assist businesses, property owners and visitors to prepare for wildfire.

Ambulance Service
As of July 1, 2019, the Summit County Ambulance Service has merged with Summit Fire & EMS into a single organization.